Private String Lessons- 30/45/60 minutes

     Student will work with a master instructor to learn proper techniques specific to their instrument. Instructors will work with their musicians on scales, etudes, and solo repertoire, as well as assisting them with school auditions, playing quizzes, and upcoming school/youth orchestra concerts. Students will learn basic through advanced music theory, including note reading and rhythmic accuracy. All private lesson students will have an opportunity to perform in two recitals per year. Instructors will use this opportunity to teach the "art of performing" including helping with stage fright, and working with an accompanist or ensemble.

Private Piano Lessons- 30/45/60 Minutes

   Piano students will work with instructors on basic-advanced piano pedagogy and repertoire. Scales, exercises, and music theory will be stressed upon at the same time as discovering the beautiful music that belongs to the piano. All students have the opportunity to perform in a recital as well as compete in piano festivals that are held in our region annually.


Chamber Ensemble Coaching

     There is nothing more fun than playing music with other people. And nothing more challenging! We are fortunate to have members of the Manassas String Quartet as faculty members to coach duets, trio, quartets, etc... Students will be grouped with other same level students. Already formed groups are welcome as well. This is an 8 week commitment that can be renewed for more sessions. All groups will have the opportunity of performing at one of our academy recitals.


Summer Regional Prep Course  

     For students who are planning on auditioning for the All-Regional Orchestra (Jr./Sr.). This week long course will prepare you to play your best at the September auditions. We will focus on scales, excerpt preparation, sight reading skills, performance techniques for an enhanced sound, and curbing anxiety (as much as possible ) :) Students will play "mock" auditions throughout the week.


Adult chamber ensemble

 Work with other adult musicians to form a small chamber group. Membership is open to any adult player who has past experience on their instrument as well as current PW String Academy adult students. Contact the academy for more information on schedules.